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My names is valentina mata i was born in new jersey them short after moved to florida then grew up in austin. i have two older sister that were both dancer and one of them is now a professional. i started dance 4 years ago and already have two year of a drill team and two solos, i started trapeze over the summer and i am hoping i get to be in advanced trapeze which is the next step in my training. In 4th and 5th grade i started doing cheerleading while i did cheer i saw dance all around me in my sisters and in the high school and it made me relize that it was what i really wanted to do so i changed everything for it and i tried out for jazz co i didn’t make it the first year so i trained my butt off and made it the second year after that i continued to train and made red rubies to dance in high school. After one year of red rubies I unsuccessfully tried out for cavalettes and im ready to train for next years tyrouts. I am hoping I can become an intern and a body lab senior and i also wanting to dance in high school.

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