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Commercial Company

Year Started:


Since 2023



(Please note that if the company is invitation only your student cannot apply without an invite)


How to Join:


Introducing Body Lab's commercial dance company, where your dance dreams can become a reality! Our performance-only dance company works on film projects throughout the year, providing you with the opportunity to showcase your talents on the big screen.

As a member of our commercial dance company, you will learn and shoot at least 3 group video projects for the year, choreographed by our talented team of choreographers, Heather, Amelia, and/or outside choreographers, for an extra fee. You will also have the opportunity to film individual 30 second to 1-minute video shoot and reel for your dance IG accounts and create solo/duet/trio videos, booked at any time for an extra fee.

Our commercial dance company requires members to attend all rehearsals leading up to each video shoot or they will need to participate as a swing for that particular project. Members are also responsible for providing costuming/clothing and potential props needed for all video shoots.

As a member of our commercial dance company, you'll have the chance to perform in Body Lab's Christmas Show and Spring Showcase, depending on the project.

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