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We as a studio are committed to providing quality training for all dancers. Body Lab was founded on the idea that each dancer can choose what classes they take and how hard they want to push themselves. When you come to Body Lab it is up to you to decide how many hours, styles, days you want to train.

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Discover the art of jazz with our dynamic classes that feature across-the-floor exercises, center work, and jazz combinations. Whether you're a beginner, high advanced, or pre-professional, we have a class tailored to your level. Our experienced instructors rotate to offer a diverse range of jazz styles and techniques, ensuring that our students receive a well-rounded education.



At our studio, we specialize in training dancers from beginner to high advanced levels, helping them master challenging technical elements with precision and ease. Our technique classes are designed to enhance your strength and flexibility through a combination of targeted training, drills, and challenging combinations. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our classes will challenge you to reach new heights in your dance practice.

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Our lyrical & contemporary classes feature a diverse range of instructors, each bringing their unique expertise and style to the curriculum. With a focus on well-rounded training, we ensure that our students are exposed to all styles of lyrical and contemporary dance. Our classes not only teach technical elements, but also emphasize performance, improvisation, and transitions, helping dancers master the art of lyrical dance and put their skills into practice.



Tap into your potential with our range of beginner to advanced tap classes, suitable for all ages. Our tap program is led by Heather O'Hara, our studio owner and former Radio City Rockette in NYC. With Heather's professional experience and expertise, our students receive top-notch training in the art of tap dance, allowing them to develop their skills and reach their full potential.



Our highly regarded drill team program has produced exceptional dancers, including Cavalettes, Cavalette officers & social officers, Cavalette captains, Bowie Silver Stars, Bowie Silver Star officers, Vandergrift Legacies, Vandergrift Legacy social officers, Westlake Highline members, and many more talented performers. We are proud to have trained these outstanding individuals and continue to inspire our students to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Drill Team


Experience the thrill of acrobatics with our program, led by our studio owner Heather O'Hara, who has trained extensively with Cirque Du Soleil. Our program offers a range of acrobatic tricks, tumbling, and transitions suitable for beginners through to advanced levels, designed to elevate your dance routines and performance skills. Join us and learn the art of acrobatic dance in a safe and supportive environment.

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Take your dance practice to new heights with our aerial program, open to all ages and levels starting from 8 years old. Each class begins with targeted conditioning exercises to build the strength and endurance necessary to perform aerial skills on static trapeze, spinning Lyra, and aerial cube. Our experienced instructors provide a safe and supportive environment for students to explore the art of aerial dance and develop their skills at their own pace.



Ballet provides a solid foundation in dance technique. It teaches fundamental principles of posture, alignment, balance, and control. These principles are essential for all forms of dance and can be applied to various styles. Many dance forms incorporate ballet elements, so a strong ballet foundation makes it easier for dancers to adapt to different styles. This versatility can open up more opportunities in the dance world.



Body Lab offers a diverse range of hip-hop classes suitable for all ages and skill levels. Our classes not only impart a strong educational foundation in hip-hop dance but also deliver a high-energy and exhilarating experience for every student.

Hip Hop
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