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Mini Molecules Hip Hop Company

Year Started:

Invitation Only

Since 2023



(Please note that if the company is invitation only your student cannot apply without an invite)


How to Join:


Mini Molecules is one of Body Lab's Hip-Hop performance and competition companies. As a member of Mini Molecules, you will have the opportunity to learn a dynamic routine from a professional choreographer, take private classes, and showcase your skills in competitions and Body Lab annual shows. Our hip-hop companies participate in 2-3 competitions every year, in addition to performing in our Christmas and Spring Shows. You will also be invited to attend our annual company breakfast, big/lil reveal, Holiday party, and End of the Year party and awards ceremony as a member of Mini Molecules. These events offer an excellent opportunity to connect with other passionate dancers and celebrate your achievements through the year.

Fees: There will be a small monthly fee to participate in the company $30 (current fee),  a one-time choreography fee to the choreographer, a one-time costume fee, and you must be on a monthly summer/fall/spring Tech 1 unlimited membership of $315.  DETAILED INFORMATION COMING SOON!

All members will need to purchase a uniform--INFORMATION COMING SOON!

Mandatory Choreography Dates:  Will be 2 dates. Please let us know availability for June, July,  & August.

If you’re interested in joining Mini Molecules please reach out to

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