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BLPA, 2023-2024 Velocity Hip Hop Co., 2023-2024 Commercial Company, 2023-2023 LTHS Red Ruby

Natalie has been dancing since the age of 3, when her mom put her in dance because she loved to dance at home, and took classes in ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop until she was 7. Then, a friend who was a very talented gymnast invited her to take a gymnastics class at her local gym and she decided that she wanted to do gymnastics with her friend. She made the competitive team, trained 4 days a week and did the intense conditioning on Saturdays that her local gymnastics place offered. This greatly improved her strength because of how intense the training was. She did gymnastics and competed for 5 years. However, this didn't feel like her greatest passion. After she moved to Texas from North Carolina, she talked to her parents about getting back into dance. She used to love making up choreography at home and realized that dance was what she was very passionate about. She took online classes in mostly ballet and some other styles during quarantine and stuck with it for about 2 years. She made Jazz Co but didn't have a good amount of Jazz experience. She also wished she could do classes in person. After hearing her teammates talk about how much they loved Body Lab, she looked into it with her mom, and her parents signed her up to take classes at Body Lab in early 2022. She really enjoyed it and has been going there ever since! She began competing earlier this year and went to her first convention which was very fun and a great learning experience for her. Outside of dance, Natalie likes to play her violin, journal, read, listen to music, and bake. She is now on a few companies at Body Lab, and a new intern which she is very excited to begin doing!

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