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Year 3

Junior (2024-2025)


Valentina Mata's journey with dance has not been easy. Valentina started dancing at a young age, dance has always been all around her growing up with 2 sisters that danced. After years of ballet tap and several productions of the nutcracker Valentina decided to branch out to other things.After a year of gymnastics and two years of cheerleading Valentina found herself back to what she knew best. At the age of 11 Valentina danced a PAIYH dance studios under Beth Ann Hawley. Valentina attended school at Lake Travis Middle School where she tried out for jazz co. under the direction of Amanda rule and unfortunately did not succeed. After this and a global pandemic Valentina moved to a new studio, Body Lab, under the direction of Heather O'Hara. She is currently still there and has learned under teachers such as Amelia Famularo, Sydney James, Kennedy DeCoux, Sarah-Beth Mastel, Alison DeStefano, Heyward Johnson, Hannah Brightwell, Erick Yanez, Mark Moy, Shari Hernandez, Austen Speakmen, Kristan Nicolaisen, Madilyn Mudd and Morgan Webb. After training Valentina tried out for jazz company again and successfully made the 2021-2022 team. December of 2021 she successfully tried out for the Lake Travis High School Red Rubies which are currently under the direction of Abigail Payne and Haylii Baylis. In the year of 2022-2023 Valentina was a Lake Travis High School Red Ruby as well as a captain of Body Lab 2nd Kick Lab team. Valentina in currently not dancing with the school and focusing on her own journey with dance. She also attended ASH austin and received a scholarship for ASH nationals and will be auditioning for company. As a second year intern she enjoys interning all the younger classes and helping them make they’re own journey and being even the smallest part of that. Valentina is excited to represent Body Lab as a third year intern and is excited to see where this journey takes her.

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