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Year 1

6th Grade (2024-2025)


Paisley has been dancing since she was two. She has always had a keen sense of rhythm and movement. And, she especially loved wearing her tutus! She danced at two local dance schools before landing at Body Lab when she was only seven. Within the first year at Body Lab, her technique and passion for dance had grown tremendously! She joined BLPA and Hip Hop Company, and began competing at eight. With the impeccable choreography through the Hip Hop company, she has felt the rush of winning, as well as her first duo, and first solo, where she received first and send place! Paisley has a bright and kind spirit. She loves the camaraderie of being on a team with so many amazing friends. She also has really loved being a big sis for the past two years! As a natural little sister, being in the role of “mentor” for the younger kids is a really special honor for her. She helps out in class and finds so much joy in helping!

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