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Year 2

7th Grade (2024-2025)


Mia has always loved being on stage since the age of 2 and competing since age 7 where she competed all styles as well as jazz solos and productions. Being an intern is something she really enjoys. She has 3 younger siblings and loves helping anyway she can. Dance is an important part of her life where she is constantly growing more each day. It gives her the opportunity to learn new skills and tricks. Dance also gives the opportunity to travel which is a thing she wants to do more of. When Mia 9 years old she was national grand champion for star bound dance competition in 2021 with her jazz solo. A couple of Mia’s favorite opportunity’s that body lab has to offer are the capability to learn new skills and trapeze. This year she is a proud member of velocity hiphop, BLPA, and the lake Travis middle school 24-25 jazz co. She is thrilled for what it is to come and hopes to continue growing as a dancer and completing her goals!

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