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Year 1

8th Grade (2024-2025)


Avery started BodyLab fall of 22’ and took a few classes. She then tried out for Jazz Co in Spring to participate in 7th grade year at school. Unfortunately she didn’t make it but was told by her teacher she was so very close. That summer of 22 she took a ton of classes and filled her summer by twirling away. By Fall she was hooked and surrounded herself with other dancers learning their ways. Avery stepped up her game and did PE waiver and filled her week days with dance. She decided she wanted to be a better dancer and has done just that. She may have started dance later then a of lot of girls but this girl is determined to grow in every way she can in this beautiful art of dance. She is inspired by all the girls at Body Lab especially her teachers.  She looks forward to being a junior intern this year!

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