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2023-2024 Kick Lab

When I started dancing I was just 2 years old, I had no clue what I was doing but I found a passion for it. I started out at 620 Dance Center, and I stopped shortly around 3rd grade. I began to try soccer, Volleyball and different kinds of sports, but I always returned to dance. After trying all these new activities, I went into middle school and restarted dance at school. By that time covid had passed, and I realized that I needed to keep dancing. I tried out for Hudson Bend Middle School's Pom squad last year, and after finding out that I didn't make it I realized I needed to push myself in order to succeed this year. To begin, I took several camps during summer with my close friend Nicole, and we decided it was good to start at Bodylab in August. I have made so much progress since then and soon I am trying out for Pom Squad again. I am hoping that all my hard work will pay off. Even if it doesn't work out, I am glad to be a Body Lab Jr. intern.

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