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Hayward Johnson Jr.

Hip Hop Instructor

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Hayward is a street hip-hop dancer raised in Dallas, TX. For as long as he could walk, he was dancing and performing. Inspired by pop icons like Prince and Michael Jackson, he started teaching himself how to pop, groove, wave, krump, and animate. In high school, he founded his own hip-hop club called, Abstract Motion, which kicked off his love for choreography. In college, he became a leading officer and choreographer for Texas Tech’s first hip-hop dance organization called, “Dancers With Soul: Hip-Hop Team.” With DWS, he performed in TTU men’s and women’s basketball half-time shows, club concerts, community events, and was even the opening act for the famous rapper/hip-hop artist, Wale.
Hayward can also be found freestyling in Todrick Hall’s music video, “Haterz” and tv show, “Todrick”. Although performing was his first love, giving back to the community quickly topped it when he started teaching dance at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lubbock, TX. As his passion for teaching grew, he decided to accept the offer to teach and choreograph for Olympic figure skaters at the Dallas Star. Upon returning home, he also revived Abstract Motion in the school that his mother teaches at. He newly created Abstract Motion to be an after school dance program that aims to teach youth about the arts and developing good moral character. Today, Hayward is venturing into the dance studio realm to teach the students at Downtown Dance and Performing Arts Centre the heart and soul of hip-hop dance. He aims to inspire all youth to have fun, break molds, and love the skin they’re in.

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