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At Body Lab, we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality classes in a positive and respectful environment. To ensure that all students have a positive experience, we have the following policies in place. 


  1. Studio Atmosphere: Part of creating a positive atmosphere for our dancers is peer-to-peer support. All encouragement and cheering for other dancers are highly encouraged!

  2. Peer-to-Peer Correction: We do not support peer-to-peer correction, as it can create a hostile environment. Our instructors are trained professionals who are responsible for correcting our students.

  3. Respect for Instructors: Our instructors work hard to provide quality classes to each student. We do not allow students to talk back to instructors or disrespect them in any way during class.

  4. Dance Class Rules: In any class setting, we expect students to abide by standard dance class rules

    1. No crossing your arms

    2. No rolling your eyes

    3. No sitting on the sides

    4. No touching mirrors without permission

    5. No whispering or talking to peers

    6. No chewing gum


    5. We believe that studio culture can significantly impact the quality of our classes. Therefore, we reserve the right to      dismiss students from class if they do not comply with our studio culture.


We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to these policies, as they ensure that every student has a positive and enjoyable experience at Body Lab. 

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