Trapeze Conditioning    



Trapeze Conditioning 

All Levels

This class is required for all dancers enrolled in Beg/Int/Adv Trapeze Elements classes.  We use professional low swinging Trapeze for a complete workout, increasing cardio, core and full body strength. Heather has trained artists for Celebrity Cruises Cirque shows and has trained her agency members in trapeze, silks, dance lyra and most recently aerial cube for the past 6 years. From cardio, plyometrics-circuits, core and full body strengthening This class is for the beginner all the way up to the professional artist. She will have something for everyone. Come check out the new Cirque craze!!!

Beg/Int Trapeze Elements



Beg/Int Trapeze Elements 

Learn safety in static/swinging trapeze.  We will also incorporate lyra and cube occasionally.  Learn safety in performing trapeze and basic to advanced elements.  Partnering elements are also introduced.  Open Aerial is only for those who have trained at least for a year with Heather.  You are allowed to improvise and create your own elements from the fundamentals Heather has taught.  You are also able to choose the apparatus of your choice to work on.  

Intermediate artists are determined and evaluated by Kennedy from Spring 2019 Beg Class. 

Int/Adv Aerial 



Int/Adv Open Aerial 

Invitation ONLY** Int/Adv Aerial class to work on different skills on different aerial apparatus.   Must have been in Beg/Int Trapeze class for 1-3 years before being accepted into this class.  


Beg Silks



Int/Adv Silks



Beg-Adv Silks


Learn safety, conditioning, and aerial silks basic fundamentals such as climbs, single and double leg locks, how to tie a knot, split rolls, and cross back straddle. Int/Adv will learn more advanced elements such as drops.

Tri-Core Trapeze Fitness




Tri- Core Trapeze Fitness


Have you ever wanted to try Trapeze? Well here is your chance! Tri-Core Trapeze is a fitness class that involves three stations: Strengthening, Conditioning, and Trapeze. Learn Safety, Trapeze Fundamentals, and Elements. Beginners are always welcome!