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Year 4

Senior (2024-2025)


Ella has been dancing since she was about two years old! After her first class dance stuck with her forever. She grew up on a competition team where she did group dances in all styles, as well as productions. She then moved over to body lab at the age of about 9 or 10. when she moved to body lab she got to take the older kids classes which helped her improve faster than she ever had! After being at body lab for some time she decided she wanted to be an intern. Ella started out as a junior intern, and eventually worked her way up to intern. Now she loves to intern every class she can and help out any way she can. She specifically loves interning trapeze, and tap classes. With all the training she’s gotten through body lab, it helped her achieve having the opportunity to be on ash the company for her second year this year! She gets to travel on tour to many very cool cities and help out any way she can there as well. She enjoys to so much and loves meeting new friends all over the country! She is exited to finish out her junior year and move on to her final senior year!!

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