SUMMER 2019 WEEKLY Schedule

Starts June 10-Aug 2

**REMINDER: If you are drop in or class card you must reserve your spot on the mindbody app 7 days before each class!


last updated: 3/27


9:15-10am Yogilates (Amelia)

1:15-3pm Dance Beg/Int Combo (Ages 7-10) (Amelia) 

**Ballet/Jazz/Contemporary/Technique/Strengthening & Conditioning/Stretch & Flexibility

2:15-3pm Cardio Lab (Alison)

3-4pm Drill Team (Alison)

3-3:45pm Dance Meditation Technique (Heather/Amelia)

**Learn how to train your mind to release judgement of self and others, creating a safe place to explore movement freely, followed by a 10 min meditation

4-5pm Int Technique: Turns, Progressions & Leaps (Alison)

5-5:45pm Stretch/Flexibility/Ankle Strengthening (ALL LEVEL/AGES) (Alison)

5-5:45pm Commercial Dance (Heather)

5:45-7pm Contemporary "Lab" Class

**Different Guest Instructor each week: 6/10 TBD, 6/17 Brianna Underwood, 6/24 Hannah Brightwell, 7/1 Luke Qualls, 7/8 Lenorris Arnold, 7/15 Brianna Underwood, 7/22 TBD, 7/29 TBD 

5:45-6:30pm Dancer Conditioning/Strengthening (Heather)

7-8:00pm Int/Adv Ballet (Alyssa)

8-8:45pm Pointe Work (Alyssa)

**Pointe shoes are optional! You can still attend class in flats if you are not currently on pointe.  This is great for dancers wanting to add pointe in the future.


9:15-10:15am Kickboxing (Erick) 

1:15-3pm Beg/Int Ballet/Jazz (Ages 11+) (Amelia-Jazz/Tech, Kelsey & Alyssa-Ballet)

**1:15-2pm Jazz, 2-3pm Ballet

2:15-3pm Stretch/Flexibility/Ankle Strengthening (ALL LEVEL/AGES) (Heather)

3-4:30pm Int Ballet/Jazz (Kelsey & Alyssa-Ballet, Heather-Jazz)

**3-4pm Ballet, 4-4:30pm Jazz Combo 

3-3:45pm Stretch/Flexibility/Ankle Strengthening (AGES 7-12) (Amelia) 

3:45-4:30pm Leaps/Jumps/Tricks (AGES 7-10) (Amelia)

4:30-5:30pm Acro Conditioning & Elements (ALL AGES) (Amelia)

4:30-5pm Trapeze Conditioning ONLY (ALL LEVELS) (Kennedy/Madison)

4:30-6pm Beg/Int Trapeze Elements (Kennedy/Madison/Heather)

**Intermediate artists are determined and evaluated by Kennedy from Spring 2019 Beg class

6-7pm Adv Technique: Turns, Progressions & Leaps (Heather/Amelia)

7-7:45pm Improvisation (Amelia/Heather/Kennedy)

7-7:45pm Yogilates (Amelia/Heather/Kennedy)

7:45-8:45pm Power "Lab" (AGES 14+) (Amelia)


9:15-10am Yogilates (Amelia)

1:15-1:45pm Beg Tap (AGES 7-12) (Heather)

1:45-2:30pm Hip Hop-Elementary (Leslie)

2:30-3:30pm Hip Hop-Middle School (Leslie)

2:45-3:30pm Dancer Boot Camp (Amelia)

3:30-4:15pm Power Pilates (Amelia)

3:30-4:30pm Hip Hop Fusion-Middle School/High School (Leslie)

4:30-6pm Adv Jazz (Heather)

6-7:15pm Int/Adv Open Aerial (Heather/Amelia)

**Invitation ONLY-if you move up from Beg into Int you may attend this class-However, you must also be signed up for the Tues Int Elements in order to register for this class.

6-6:30pm Stretch/Flexibility/Ankle Strengthening (ALL LEVEL/AGES) (Amelia)

6:30-8:15pm Beg/Int Jazz Technique & Ballet (AGES 13+) (Heather & Amelia-Jazz/Tech, Alyssa & Kelsey-Ballet)

**6:30-7:15pm Jazz Technique, 7:15-8:15pm Ballet

7:15-8pm Adv Turning Technique (Brynn)



9:15-10:15am Kickboxing (Erick)

1-1:45pm Int/Adv Tap (Heather)

1-1:45pm Power Leaps (Amelia)

1:45-2:30pm Stretch/Flexibility/Ankle Strengthening (ALL LEVEL/AGES) (Heather)

2:30-3:30pm Int Tech: Turns, Progression & Leaps (Heather)

3:30-4:30pm Drill Team Prep (Katie)

3:30-4:30pm Acro Tricks (Kennedy)

4:30-5:30pm “Lab” Class 

**Different Guest instructors and styles each week. 6/13 Erick Yanez- Hip Hop, 6/20 Ariana- Intro to Contortion, 6/27 Lacee Fortune-self identity/story telling through dance, 7/4 NO CLASS, 7/11 Luke Qualls-Jazz, 7/18 Heather O’Hara- Lyrical, 7/25 Brianna Underwood- Jazz, TBD 8/1

5:30-6:30pm Intern “Pop up Lab" Class 

**Taught by a different Lab Tech Intern weekly, list and styles coming soon.

5:30-7pm Int/Adv Silks (Lydia)

6:30-7:45pm Beg Silks (Lydia)

7-8pm Kickboxing (Erick)


9:15-10am Yoga Flow & Stretch (Amelia)

12-12:45pm Tri-Core Trapeze Fitness (Amelia)

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